The Other Man
The claps and shouts of loves pronounce
Clamor through the streets
The wedding party's train announced
a merry jubilee
But now there walks, one man alone
His chest awash with tears
The current day's festivities
but culminate his fears
A mighty duel, their back and forth
a warring for her hand
with tokens, words, then flashing swords
till they could barely stand
and yet in twilight's purple fall
she picked the other man
Still bleeding from the battle wounds
they left him in the sand
The town rejoices for his loss
How can his wounds be healed?
This town no longer feels like home
It's gate is shut and sealed

Everyone wants to win something. Some people want to be successful at a life dream or at their job, some want to win the heart of the love of their life. Some are currently concentrating on a game of scrabble. But we all want to win something. Even  Christendom pushes us towards success.  1 Corinthians 9:24 says “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.”

But not everyone wins.

What do you do when your boss passes you up for a promotion? Where do you run when the problem with your life is you? What happens if you wake up and your’e on the wrong side of the battlefield? What if you’re the antagonist, not the protagonist? What if in the battle for a woman’s heart she picks the other guy? How do you watch people rejoice at your defeat?

What if your’e a loser?

I can hear a million comforting voices now. “Your’e not a loser just pick yourself back up”, “There’s always hope”, “Your failures don’t make up who you are”. I offer no such unhelpful consolation. I won’t tell you to pick yourself up cause I can’t get out of bed some days. I won’t tell you there’s hope cause even if there is you probably can’t see it. I won’t tell you you aren’t identified by your failures, cause that might be how everyone treats you even if it isn’t true.

I won’t say you aren’t a failure cause you are. we all are. I know I sure as hell am. I fail at most of my life’s goals, hopes, and dreams every single day. I want to get married. Iv’e massacred every attempt at dating. I want to be in ministry. I don’t pay attention in bible classes, ignore wise principles, and hold foolish grudges against God. I want to be an author. My writing supplies collect dust.

I’m a loser. I’m lonely, depressed, foolish, weak, lazy, unrighteous.

But my favorite heros were losers. The count of Monte Cristo (my favorite fictional protagonist) lost the love of his life, lost his job, lost his family and was cast in jail for years. He was a LOSER. But by the end of that book, he gains all he had lost and more.

Peter from the bible was a loser.  He denied Christ three times. The one thing he had to get right was his dedication to God. Failed it miserably.  But the church was built on him. Gideon was the lowest person in the lowest house in Israel. He was literally the biggest loser in the entire place. God defeated the enemy with his leadership.

We are the losers. We are the washouts. We are the desperate. We are the inadequate. We are the broken. We are the failures. We are the fools. We are the other guys. We are the abandoned. We are everything we hate.

We are losers. But God loves losers. He chooses to use them specifically for his work.

Losers are humble. Losers have compassion. Losers love people deeply if they don’t give in to spite. Losers learn endurance. Losers will fight to the death, because they don’t have to win.

Be a loser, cause only losers make good winners.


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