Turning of the back divine
away from us
We scale the cleft filled rocks
faces aglow
Wander into incensed darkness
Mystery envelopes us
clouds upon the mountain
Who do we Know?
Who do we know?
Rains that wash the blood soaked fields
in front of us
Yet we have spilled the glass
upon his word
Flesh clings to the wood
by mangled hands we trust
Killed and killer
Who is our Lord?
Who is our Lord?
Everywhere and Somewhere
Local Cosmic colossus
How can we clarify
contradictions we observe?
Complete, content, creator
what was the impetus?
Terror striking-loving father
Who do we serve?
Who do we serve?

We have substituted the mystery of God for the surety of God. We are glad for the truth of God’s existence, not for the inadequacy of our knowledge concerning him. We are ignorant of our ignorance, and we are content in it. Having been exposed to many different denominational backgrounds, Iv’e come to see how many different understandings we can have of the same God. Even more so, how most of those understandings can be fundamentally right at the same time.

God is eternal and infinite, which is something we neglect frequently. Once we grow comfortable with how we know him we stop trying to know more of him. But there is always more to know and discover. There is always a part, a side, a facet of him we hadn’t considered fully. Relationship with other people eventual reaches that lovely stage when you know almost everything about the other person. You have them fit snugly in your mind as to who they are and what they’re like. But we can’t do that with God, and we can’t immediately dismiss an understanding of God unlike our own. More often than not your both seeing the same God, just from different sides.

Enter in to the cloud around the mountain, and learn to sit in and with the beautiful infinitude of known and unknown that is our God.


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