“I Climbed atop,
a mountain in a storm
I passed a light that promised
freedom from harm
I stepped inside
and saw monks sitting by a fire
I sat, they asked me
‘what is your desire?’
I replied ‘Nothing,
I have all that I need.”
They answered ‘Nonsense!
Only in death can you be free!’
I left that night
sadder than before
They had no truth
and their fire wasn’t warm”

I was confronted today with the idea that the quality of life you have will be dictated by the quality of questions you ask.  At first I was almost taken in by the idea, until I really thought about what it actually meant. Firstly, what is a question? A question simply means you don’t know the answer to something. What then is asking a question? Asking a question is simply desiring to know the answer (assuming normal intentions). So then, what can a pursuit of quality questions be? Simply a quest for the greatest things you don’t know. Now in one sense it is a worthy pursuit, in that it points indirectly to the most important aspects of life. But in another sense it is horribly wrong, and something that is horribly wrong with the world today. You see, the true pursuit would be for the answer, not the question. While a pursuit of asking good questions may lead you to the right answers, it also may very well lead you to terribly wrong answers, with disastrous consequences.

This is the place our world finds itself. Not, in a pursuit of answers and therefore truth, but in a pursuit of questions. Why shouldn’t we kill our kids? Why shouldn’t we be depraved for love? Why shouldn’t we harm ourselves with drugs for fun? Why should we believe in or follow one God? We question and we question our boundaries, our societal progressions, and our standards. We question and we never look for answer. Because questions are easy if you don’t care about the answer. If all you want is questions you can answer them however you like and enjoy the answer. If life is dictated by how good your questions are and not how good your answers are, then you get the most profitable questions and answer with the most profitable answers.

But quality of life is NOT gauged in questions. It is not based in the world’s standards of pleasure and wealth.  Quality is measured in truth. Just like the quality of Gold is measured in it’s purity, so is the quality of life measured in how completely we understand the truth. If we live by half truths we live as fool’s gold. It looks good but it’s worth nothing.

Now quality questions will lead us closer to the truth, but cannot be the end goal. Truth has to be our goal, our drive, our passion. It has to burn within us, rage within us, eat us alive. Because there is nothing else worth living for but to know truth. without knowing truth we are all living in a horrendous nightmare, and when we wake up we’ll be staring into the coal black eyes of the sickening truth of the life we wasted and the consequences of our failure.

So what does truth look like? First, remember that there can be only ONE truth about any given idea. My real eyes are either green or blue, not both. The world is either flat or round, not what we want it to be. Either Jesus Christ is Lord and God or was a liar and a psycho. It’s not up to personal opinion. Jesus said, “I am the way, THE TRUTH, and the life, no one comes to the father except through me. ” This is an ultimate truth, and when we uncover truths like this we have a choice to take or leave them. True quality of life looks like seizing truths like this by the throat and not letting go until every breath leaves our bodies. For, as we know of The Indefinable Emotion, it isn’t enough just to know the truth, we have to do more. Lest these truths slip away, we NEED to believe them, live them, become them. Else we will be back to asking question after question, and letting the answer run unfelt of of our backs.


With Cacoethes Scribendi,

The Indefinable Emotion


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