“Reality! My enemy,
Reality! My misery,
why won’t you just let me be
in this world of fantasy,
Where everything is as it should be
and I know I’m slowly drowning”

Most of our world lives in terrible pain and grief, either visibly broken and dying, or invisibly letting the life run out of them, and for good reason; we are all the victims of domestic abuse, and in a sense we are all abusers. This world is our home and it has beaten the heck out of us all in one way or another, and we have consistently hurt each other in samll and in big ways. But we have only two responses in front of us. Live as hurt victims and hateful responders or as free and bloody rebels. To spend our precious moments wasting away or to fight and die for a greater form of existence.

Now the word rebellion brings up all sorts of connotations, from the french revolution to the musical transformation of the 90’s. But there has only ever been one real rebellion. It started thousands of years ago, and it is still going today, though many people will never even know it exists. It was started by someone who was completely like us and someone completely separate from any other human being. He both stood with us, and existed above us, and he died, and then lived, so that all may die to the normal abusive order of this world, and live again to fight for the truth.

Its called Christianity, and it’s the only rebellion worth fighting for.

All of this being said, this blog is not simply about Christianity, but it is about truth and ultimately the struggle to live in truth (The Indefinable Emotion). I want to use this blog to pour forth the utterances of truth that I have learned, and explore them artistically through my writing. Occasionally I will probably sidetrack into philosophy or other artistic expression, or even into things about me. But the goal will always be to support the great rebellion, and to bring hope to every soul whose heart is ripping out of their chest for the agony of the indefinable emotion contained within.

With Cacoethes Scribendi,

Gabriel Hatcher


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